How much is CCTV software costing you in the long run?

Let’s talk about features and benefits for a second, shall we?  Every feature has a benefit to someone.  At the same time, what many view as a benefit may actually be detrimental to others. A manual transmission generally offers the benefit of enhanced fuel economy, but if you have a bad knee, then the act of shifting could be a very painful and thus, far from a benefit.

It’s the same in every product or service ever offered.  Some benefits are an easier “sell” than others, and some are almost universally liked, but chances are, if it’s a benefit, it’s subjective.

Now, one item universally liked in any product or service is cost.  I know it seems strange, but a free market system is predicated on the idea of “this for that” – I’ll give you this and you’ll pay me that. If the product or service outweighs the cost, then the buyer buys it and pays the seller.


Where it gets complicated is when we start throwing around features and benefits and complex services coupled with technology. The buyer can get awfully confused and simply understanding the cost of the item can be confusing. Add in an accountant or two, monthly payments, and amortisation schedules and the result?

The buyer can’t figure out the cost.

They know what they’re getting, but they have no idea of the cost.

One of the things we’ve been doing at Pansmart for the last few years has been to simplify this whole process.

We’ve actually done that in two ways – one, by our relationship with Panasonic to standardise the entire product line. The first example is in a CCTV system; why develop multiple cameras that essentially do the same thing? Wouldn’t it be smarter to have an overall higher quality of camera series that has all the intelligent design components to be able to simply ask the camera to meet the needs of the user and the system? Car manufacturers have done this for years to speed the assembly process and Panasonic has followed suit with many of the products they now build for us.

The second is to simplify the way that clients use the software that is available. Pansmart is doing this by making the software available in a simple licensing format – pay for it one time and own it.  No software-as-a-service (SAAS) fees, no upgrade fees, just a plain, simple concept – buy it and own it.

Now, I’m sure there are those who don’t see these ideas as benefits, but so far, they have certainly been in the minority.  In fact, worldwide, introducing the i-Pro Software on the Pansmart CCTV camera range (providing advanced analytics and monitoring) for a simple one-time licensing fee has been one of the most successful concepts that Panasonic and Pansmart have ever done.

We’ve actually designed this in two distinct pieces – one for small and medium users and another for larger clients.  For the small and medium scale systems, optimal system configurations are available with the i-PRO Management Software as a management system that uses a Windows PC.

For large scale systems, the IP Matrix Server Software enables environments with both IP and analog devices to managed and operated. It uses a large-scale CCTV/surveillance system that utilises a combination of Linux server and Windows PCs.

The unique part of this software is that it allows users to take what had essentially been a reactive system and make it a proactive CCTV platform. Who benefits?  Well, everybody in the supply chain – resellers, dealers, and end users.  By making the cost of ownership a much clearer number and providing a robust platform to utilise, all the parties are able to easily enjoy the benefits of the i-Pro Software.

If you’re ready to learn more, reach out to my team here and let’s see how the universal benefit of this licensed software can assist your security and surveillance assets.

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