The low down on the IP phone and device market 2018

Of all the IP phone and device producers, Japanese cialis fiable electronics company Panasonic ranks in the very top.

Panasonic’s AVC Networks business in which IP devices resides; contributes 20% of Panasonic’s annual revenue, which is testament to their commitment innovate and lead the pack when it comes to IP devices. The company continually invests large amounts of money to R&D where the product line is not only eco-friendly but near perfectly-developed, internationally acknowledged, and is the brand of choice for many successful businesses around the globe.

The IP product line

It is fascinating how Panasonic is involved in almost all IP devices which can be used within a business environment, whether it’s IP phones, video conferencing, CCTV cameras or PBX platforms they offer a complete portfolio with over 50 products – talk about choice and fit for purpose, they have it well bedded down.

Of the two ranges of IP phones, the open buy levitra legal us standards SIP compliant devices are a significant part of the portfolio. The phone range consists of devices for basic office use, to executive level terminals which supports advanced functionality such as Gigabit Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, HD Voice quality, Acoustic Echo-canceler, Video conferencing, Speech speed conversion, Conferencing with conference recording, and more.

Panasonic phones are designed for usability. Information is presented clearly on the phones’ wide displays, and higher end models include large color touchscreens to facilitate easier interactions with applications and phone functions. The IP phones leverages a company’s IP PBX capabilities with user-friendly designs.

With simple installation, low power consumption, and a choice of corded or cordless models, businesses can surely find the optimal Panasonic IP phone for all office settings. Simply, Panasonic is at the very top in the IP phone industry!

Why buy Panasonic phones?

Panasonic has been in the telecom industry for decades and with their experience they have brought legacy features and reliability to the VoIP phone market. If you compete in IPT industry today, you will know that the user IP devices are the main cost contributor to any voice project. Handsets can single handedly influence the whole decision making process where things like breadth of functionality, compatibility and standards, scope of range, price, lifespan and brand equity all contribute to the decision in which direction to go.

The good news is that the Panasonic IP phones are not only cost effective and efficient tools for business but are based on open standards, which means that that they can be used with most open source and open standard PBX and Hosted PBX solutions available in the market today, such as Asterisk, BroadWorks, Trixbox, Elastix, and more.

Customers will appreciate the fact that their investment in Panasonic devices is protected for years to come irrespective of their decision for the underlying technology in the future. They will also have peace of mind knowing that they are backed by a device that has a significantly longer lifespan and remain supported 5 years after manufacturer discontinuation.

It is the perfect time for your customers to experience state-of-the-art telephony through these power-saving, business-friendly VoIP endpoints. Why not make the right choice for your business today and partner with Pansmart to offer leading solutions from Panasonic to your customers. We welcome you with open arms, having built our whole distribution model around our reseller network. Get in touch with us today. Contact Louis Fourie via email or call 010 010 6777.

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