Introducing the New Panasonic Mobile Softphone

Panasonic, an inspiring communications company, known for their commitment to game-changing customised technology, recently announced the launch of their new “Panasonic Mobile Softphone.” This simple and secure smartphone tool offers employees an effective way to communicate with their team members on-the-go.

As the world of work becomes increasingly mobile, with remote employees and out-of-the-office productivity on the rise, this innovation from Panasonic has the potential to make a significant impact. The softphone application was explicitly designed with the needs of mobile workers in mind, to help them manage their tasks more efficiently when they don’t have an office desk available. With Panasonic’s solution, teams will be able to connect comfortably from any location, while keeping costs at a minimum.

Introducing the Panasonic Mobile Softphone

According to the Product Manager for Panasonic’s System Solutions Company for North America, Oliver Bodden, today’s companies are consistently searching for new solutions and processes that they can invest in to give their workforce the ability to remain connected and flexible on-the-go. Panasonic’s mobile softphone provides the company with an opportunity to empower workers with the technology they require to work smarter (instead of harder).

Some of the significant features of the softphone include:

  • No need for an additional server: You can start using the Panasonic Mobile Softphone instantly, from the moment that it’s installed on your smartphone
  • Added security: The softphone supports TLS security to provide businesses with the peace of mind they need to help mobile workers
  • Push notifications: Inform your users of incoming audio and video calls without them having the application open – this is great for reducing battery usage
  • Seamless extension of your existing system: The Panasonic softphone allows for a quick and easy connection. All your employee needs to do is register their smartphone as an extension of the company using the app

Empowering Mobile Workers

Using the state-of-the-art technology that the Panasonic brand is well known for, the softphone solution should help companies with mobile workers remain more collaborative, and connected, no matter where their employees might be. The push notifications ensure that customers will avoid the risk of missing calls – even when they don’t have an application open, and there’s no need for any additional server equipment either, so getting started is simple.

Panasonic’s mobile softphone application also includes support for video and audio conversations for anyone else using a mobile softphone.

Now that mobile working and business on-the-go has become a more common component of countless business verticals, solutions like the Panasonic mobile softphone are sure to become increasingly compelling.

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