Panasonic demonstrates facial recognition technology at Security Essen 2018

Panasonic, a leading provider of facial recognition, will showcase its technology features in the Genetec stand (Hall 5, Booth #G30) at Security ESSEN 2018, the world’s most important trade fair for security in Germany. As a technology partner in the Genetec ecosystem, Panasonic will demonstrate the benefits of facial recognition with Genetec™ Security Center, engineered to benefit end-users with innovative … Read More

Secure communication technology

A white paper from Panasonic Video Surveillance Systems. Cyber-attacks on IoT devices are on the rise, with video surveillance systems connected to the Internet also being the target. Resistance to cyber-attacks is thus becoming an important factor to look at when selecting the appropriate video surveillance system. Some models of Panasonic’s i-PRO series cameras ship with digital certificates preinstalled, and … Read More

How much is CCTV software costing you in the long run?

Let’s talk about features and benefits for a second, shall we?  Every feature has a benefit to someone.  At the same time, what many view as a benefit may actually be detrimental to others. A manual transmission generally offers the benefit of enhanced fuel economy, but if you have a bad knee, then the act of shifting could be a very painful … Read More

The low down on the IP phone and device market 2018

Of all the IP phone and device producers, Japanese cialis fiable electronics company Panasonic ranks in the very top. Panasonic’s AVC Networks business in which IP devices resides; contributes 20% of Panasonic’s annual revenue, which is testament to their commitment innovate and lead the pack when it comes to IP devices. The company continually invests large amounts of money to … Read More

Video Conferencing is justified in any business

Video Conferencing is justified in any business Each month the number of queries and solutions delivered for our Video Conferencing solutions increases – we know why… Never has there been a time in history where companies both big and small could and had to conduct business on such a global scale than right now. The cost of doing business on … Read More