Pansmart and Panasonic want to help your clients work remotely

In the wake of the global Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have been allowing employees to work remotely to minimise exposure. This contingency plan ensures that employees are protected should the situation escalate further. However, remote working calls for a dedicated workspace, and good connectivity to ensure that business operations continue as seamlessly as possible. And unfortunately, not everyone has these … Read More

Why Customers Will Still Buy On-Premise PABXs

At Pansmart, we don’t accept the status quo without considering all the perspectives. But whatever evolved technology becomes, whatever the promised benefits, we’d never support innovation if it didn’t make complete business sense to us, you and ultimately your customers. So today, I want to share my top five reasons why on-premise PABX systems reign supreme. I hope this also … Read More

MPOS: An end-to-end solution for retail customers

The advent of disruptive technology and the progression of digitisation has made customers more sophisticated. They know exactly what they want and have a plethora of options to choose from. Differentiating yourself from the competition means being able to offer enhanced services or products which are designed to make customers’ lives easier and their businesses more manageable to run in … Read More

Introducing: The Rental Company

We live in precarious economic conditions, and for any business, it is important to stay relevant. This means staying ahead of the pack when it comes to disruptive technology and assets. However, the cost of buying new assets are exorbitant and not every business has the capital outlay to finance such investments. At Pansmart, we are all about forging great … Read More

Panasonic announces updates to its NS Series Hybrid PBX Systems

Panasonic has announced groundbreaking updates to its NS Series Smart Hybrid PBX systems. Incorporated in the Smart Hybrid PBX models KX-NS700 and KX-NS500, the redefined KX-NS V8.0 offers improved capabilities, such as Emergency Alert Feature, Built-In Automatic Paging and Multiple Holiday/Time Table Support to benefit Middle East’s growing enterprises. The KX-NS700 and KX-NS500 offer tremendous flexibility for customers across a wide range … Read More

Great Deals for Dealers this Black Friday!

The Pansmart team have been working hard at delivering jam-packed Black Friday deals for our dealers. We’re going to be releasing these very soon – all you need to do is to call into our office on 010-010-6777 and find out what we’ve been working on – we assure you that these deals are going to be worth it! Winning … Read More

Five Reasons You Should Become A Pansmart Business Partner

At Pansmart, we pride ourselves on being a leading distributor of Panasonic PBX, video conferencing and CCTV products in South Africa. We share the ethos of Panasonic to enrich people’s lives through innovation. In an agile world, our vision is to ensure that businesses use innovative technology to help them scale to remain competitive. To that end, our expert technological … Read More

Become the master of your destiny

Join the Pansmart Incubation Programme today and start your own business Pansmart is a leading distributor for Panasonic PBX, video conferencing and CCTV in South Africa and are looking for credible partners to join our exclusive reseller network around the country. Sound interesting? Then we have only two questions for you: Are you a professional in the telecoms industry? Do … Read More

[BREAKING NEWS] Huge Group acquires a controlling shareholding in Pansmart

Huge Group has acquired a shareholding in Pansmart Proprietary Limited that will give it control of an authorised distributor of Panasonic’s voice, video and CCTV products, with full technical and sales competency. The acquisition will take effect on 13 May 2019. While the company will retain its name, it will incorporate Huge Group branding alongside its current well-established branding. “We … Read More

The connectivity wave for SMEs and how it links to customer retention

Are you losing business because of connectivity issues that aren’t your fault? Pansmart and Huge Telecoms has the answer for you. When you look at the connectivity options over time, you will see a clear wave forming. This knowledge can be used by end users and suppliers to mitigate and prevent bad connectivity experiences such as bad voice quality, service … Read More