Panasonic announces updates to its NS Series Hybrid PBX Systems

Panasonic has announced groundbreaking updates to its NS Series Smart Hybrid PBX systems. Incorporated in the Smart Hybrid PBX models KX-NS700 and KX-NS500, the redefined KX-NS V8.0 offers improved capabilities, such as Emergency Alert Feature, Built-In Automatic Paging and Multiple Holiday/Time Table Support to benefit Middle East’s growing enterprises.

The KX-NS700 and KX-NS500 offer tremendous flexibility for customers across a wide range of businesses. Both models can serve as a cost-effective legacy and IP communication system and can be easily configured according to the organization’s needs. The KX-NS700 Smart Hybrid PBX scales to 288 extensions and can handle up to 1,000 networked users.

On the other hand, the KX-NS500 starts from six analogue trunks and 18 extensions, up to 288 extensions with an Expansion Unit. These systems also have jampacked IP features, and can also use built-in applications, such as a call centre solution, mobile solution, and voice mail system, to provide more efficient work and increased customer satisfaction.

Nelson Edward, Manager – System Networks and Communications Department, Panasonic, said, “We are excited to introduce the newest evolution of our Smart Hybrid PBX systems with the KX-NS V8.0 Feature Updates. These key enhancements continue Panasonic’s tradition of innovation to address the needs of growing businesses for optimal responsiveness and productivity. The added capabilities in the KX-NS V8.0 perfectly complement the already powerful and feature-packed systems of KX-NS700 and KX-NS500 to help solve modern communications challenges and future-proof our customers’ operations.”


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